Women's Balance Health

Women's Balance Health

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Supporting women through their health journeys using acupuncture, herbal medicine, craniosacral therapy and collaboration with many local #yeg health professionals.

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Treatments for 12yrs and older

Acupuncture- Initial Appt 90min - $150
New patients will receive 90min to discuss health history, current health concerns along with a full treatment session.
Acupuncture- 45min Follow Up - $90
Follow up appointments for those coming weekly or bi weekly, allowing time for focusing acupuncture on one chief complaint.
Acupuncture- 60min Follow Up - $115
Follow up appointments allowing time to focus on one chief complaint and extra time for cupping, gua sha or kinesiotaping.
Acupuncture- 75 min Follow Up - $135
Follow up appointment for those coming monthly, allowing time for discussion and acupuncture treatment for one chief health issue. Also suitable for those looking for treatment of more than one health issue.
Pre/Post IUI Transfer - $160
Acupuncture Treatments done within 24hrs, before and after, for patients going in for treatments at the local fertility clinic.
Herbal Consultation - $100
FREE Initial Phone Consultation
Perfect for general inquiries about acupuncture, herbal medicine and the treatments offered for your health situation.

Treatments for Infants & Kids Under 12

Pediatric Treatment Initial 60min - $110
Infants and Children under the age of 12, along with a care provider or parent, will receive a health history intake and discussion along with a treatment
Pediatric Treatment- Return 30min - $65
Pediatric Treatment- Return 45min - $100

Combined Treatment Session

Acupuncture & CranioSacral Therapy-75min - $150
Acupuncture & CranioSacral Therapy-90min - $175
The *ultimate* session that allows time for both modalities of acupuncture and craniosacral therapy blended into 90min of healing and restoration.

Classes & Groups

Community Acupuncture - $40 (call for appointment)
A group setting providing the benefits of healing as a group. Participants are fully clothed and positioned in a reclined chair while acupuncture needles are placed and left for about 1 hour.
Maximum of 6-10 spots available. Unless otherwise posted, spots are reserved by appointment only.

Other Services

Fertility or Birth Vision Planning - $100
Doula Consult
Directions 10869 96 St NW, Edmonton, AB, Canada
780 919 6870